Having kiddos out to our farm is one of our very favorite things and we're extremely sad in-person field trips are not feasible right now. But because we believe in the importance of educating kids about agriculture we've found a way to share our farm with your class...virtually! 

A virtual field trip to Cherry Place Farm will allow your class to experience agriculture through a video series that is engaging, entertaining, and educational. 

Each virtual field trip will include:

  • 5 Pre-Recorded Video Lessons

    • Lesson ​One: Introduction to Cherry Place Farm and General Agricultural Knowledge

    • Lesson Two: Cows- Beef and Dairy 

    • Lesson Three: Where Does Our Food Come From?

    • Lesson Four: How Do Plants Grow?

    • Lesson Five: How You Can Be Involved In Agriculture

    • Topics Include: Livestock, Where your food comes from, How plants grow, Weather, Economics, Soil, Responsibility and having good character, 

  • A teacher guide for each lesson, making suggestions for teaching topics (by grade level) based on the various agricultural topic as well as other recommended resources

  • 5 Read-Aloud videos that compliments the topic of each lesson 

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