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We are sold out for the 2022 season! Thank you for your continued support of our farm! We wish you the sweetest season of celebration with your families this Christmas season. 

The day after Thanksgiving, we open selling premium-graded, fresh Fraser Fir Christmas Trees and Wreaths. The trees are cut fresh in NC, brought to our farm, and displayed for you to pick out. We will trim, bale, and load your tree. 


The trees are NC grown, fresh, premium grade Fraser Fir trees. They are brought to our farm and displayed. 


6-7' tree: $85

7-8' tree: $105

8-9' tree: $140

9-10' tree: $180


Wreaths are freshly made here on our farm. 

-Normal Door Size: $25

-Small Bow: $5

-Large Bow: $8 


  • Friday 11/25... 10:00am til dark

  • Sat. 11/26... 10:00am til dark

  • Sun. 11/27... 1:00pm til dark

These are our 2022 hours, or until sold out! We only get one shipment of trees in, so when we're sold out that's all we will have for the season. 

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