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Map of Maze

MAP OF MAZE  (1).png

Fun Fact #1

This is a two acre cornmaze. There are approximately 120,000 stalks in this field. 

Fun Fact #2

Each stalk grows two ears of corn. There are 240,000 ears of corn in this field. 

Fun Fact #3

This piece of land has been farmed by the Westbrook family for six generations. 

Fun Fact #4

We plant the corn in July. When the corn is a foot tall we cut the maze into it with a lawn mower.

Fun Fact #5

On our farm we also sell Christmas trees, have a you-pick strawberry patch, and sell summertime produce. 

Fun Fact #6

Back in the day, produce was grown on the farm to sell at Westbrook Grocery in downtown Rock Hill. The store was open for 52 years and was a staple in the community. 

Fun Fact #7

This field will produce roughly 192 million kernels of corn. 

Fun Fact #8

This variety of corn is fully mature in 120 days... from planting to harvest. 

Fun Fact #9

The farm was officially purchased in 1940. 

Fun Fact #10

This type of corn is called field corn. The kernels are hard and crunchy and will be used for animal feed. 

Fun Fact #11

The success of the cornmaze is heavily dependent on how much summer rain we get. Irrigation helps, but nothing is as good as rain for young corn. 

Fun Fact #12

Each silk is connected to an individual kernel. 

Fun Fact #13

There are over 3,500 uses for corn products. 

Fun Fact #14

This is our 14th year doing the October festival. 

Fun Fact #15

There will always be an even number of rows on a corn cob. 

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