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 The 2024 Strawberry Season has come to a close. Thank y'all for your continued support of our farm!


    • We have sadly had to make the decision to end our strawberry season. There will be no you-pick or pre-picked strawberries this weekend.  Prime season has been long gone, as it has been a very tough season weather wise, but we had hoped to be able to extend it through this weekend. What few berries we had left were ruined in this week's rain. In lieu of picking, we will be offering a demonstration on "How we grow strawberries" on Saturday and Sunday at 11am. 

Regular Season Info:

With the season typically lasting 6-8 weeks (Mid-April through early June), take full advantage of them while they're available! Things change quickly with weather and availability, so please always check social media for updates before heading our way. 


    • When we have pre-picked buckets available, we sell them on our self-serve, honor-system roadside stand.

    • It is located at 1950 Oakdale Road Rock Hill, SC 29730.

    • Please bring exact cash, drop it in the lockbox, and head on your way to enjoy your strawberries! Cash only. If there are berries on the stand, the stand is "open".

    • We do our best to keep the stand stocked, however... it can take a few days between pickings for more berries to ripen, weather and rain greatly affects what is available to pick, and on you-pick days we focus our attention on you-pickers! Feel free to shoot us a message on social media to confirm if there are pre-picked available on the stand. We do our best to keep social media updated with availability. ​

    • Pre-Picked Prices: $22 gallon, $13 half gallon


    • On certain days we do allow you to come pick-your-own! ​

    • We provide the bucket, and you get to take it home. 

    • We accept cash and card when open for you-pick

No dogs allowed during strawberry season, for food-safety! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require reservations for you-pick? 

No, we do not take reservations. Berry picking is available on a first-come-first-serve basis, as we have berries available. You-pick dates and hours are posted on social media as the season progresses, based on weather and availability.

Do I need to bring a bucket to pick in? 

Nope, we've got you covered with reusable Cherry Place Farm buckets you get to take with you.  

Why do your hours and days open change week-to-week? 

It is extremely difficult to anticipate how quickly the berries will ripen. Weather plays a huge part in this, as does how busy we are day-to-day. We would rather have wacky hours and plenty of berries, than a set schedule and slim pickings in order to ensure there are enough berries to provide you a pleasant picking experience. The best way to monitor our hours is Facebook or Instagram... we always always recommend you check social media before you head our way! 

Do you sell pre-picked berries? 

You can find the berries on our roadside stand at 1950 Oakdale Road. This stand runs on the honor system, meaning you serve yourself and leave cash in the dropbox! No card payments available at the honor system stand... cash only.  We do our best to keep pre-picked on the stand, but please remember... it can take a few days between pickings for more berries to ripen, weather affects what is available to pick as well as our ability to be in the fields, and on you-pick days we are less likely to have pre-picked available since you can pick-your-own. 

Do you take cash or card? 

Pre-Picked on the Roadside Stand: The roadside stand operates on the honor system and only accepts cash payment. Please bring exact cash, no change available. 


You-Pick Days: We accept both cash and card payments. There is a 3% surcharge added to all credit card transactions to cover service fees. 

How do I pick strawberries? 

The key is finding a fully ripe berry. Unlike bananas that will further ripen once picked, strawberries will not ripen any more once picked from the vine. Gently comb through the plant to find ripe berries hiding under the leaves. Then gently pull on the berry to simply snap the vine. 


Is there anything else to do at the farm?

Yes, when you come to pick strawberries you may also visit with our farm animals (chickens, goats, sheep, donkey, and cows (if they feel like visiting and come to the fence). You are welcome to bring any old or stale bread, crackers, cereal, fruits, or veggies to feed the critters.

Do you have anything else for sale? 

Yes. We have t-shirts, hats, and canned goods (salsa, jam, and syrup, made from our tomatoes and strawberries). 

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